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In life, very often the solution to your problem is staring you in the face. Or in this case riding in your pocket.

This book will show you 100 ways of earning income, using your smartphone.

New changes in the economy will mean that many people will lose their jobs. Sometimes this will be due to companies simply going out of business. The services or products that they offered were rendered redundant by newer technologies.

We've already seen how Blockbusters, and others, took the hit when Netflix entered the marketplace. Why go through the hassle of renting a DVD, and needing to return it, when you can just stream movies through one of the many screens you own (TV, laptop, Smartphone, iPad, etc.)?

In other cases employees will be replaced by machines (robotics). You are already seeing the start of this huge wave with self-service banking, and checkouts at grocery stores.

These are merely the tip of a much, much, larger iceberg.

Advancements in robotic and artificial intelligence are even threatening employees of the medical industry. And physicians are no longer save from these changes.

Learning how to "create income" is not an option, it is a necessity. Innovations and new technologies are causing more people to lose jobs each year.  You are living in the most disruptive economy the world has ever seen.

This easy to understand book will act as your guide. It will reveal options that many are unaware of for earning income through your Smartphone.

You are bound to find dozens of methods in this 100 plus page book that will work for you right now.

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