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  Have you noticed that there is always a missing piece in the free training videos you see online?

There’s something they are not sharing in order to get you to buy their course (which is several hundred dollars – or more).

    In fact, trying to learn how to invest in real estate by watching sales videos and reading forums is a lot like trying to swim on dry land.

What you need is a mentor to take you by the hand, fill in the gaps, and show you every single step required to make your first deal work.

And that’s exactly what the “Digital Wholesaling: How to Turn $97 into $30k in the Next 4 Weeks!” step-by-step video course will do for you!

I’m Mike Smith, host of the HomeBusinessProfiles.Com podcast. Our show features home based entrepreneurs from all types of businesses.

As someone who has bought and sold real estate, on the side, for more than 10 years, I bet you are probably wasting time trying to learn from forums and free online videos.

Even though I was the Vice-President and Creative Director of a couple of advertising and marketing firms I had to learn real estate investing from scratch.

    Just like you would without my video course!

What I learned over the years can save you thousands of dollars on your first deal. Plus you get the benefit of my real world experience.

But not for thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars (like many courses) but for less than a Ben Franklin.

When you discover how much you can make from this step-by-step video course you will see that it is a smart bargain.

  In my course you will learn:

How to use systems to do most of your work online.

When I first started real estate investing I wasted a bunch of money on things like gasoline. But today much of the research can be done right online. And with these tools I will demonstrate how to save a fortune in time and money.

How to become a real estate investor even if your credit is bad.

In the beginning I didn’t understand how real estate deals could be done if someone had bad credit or was short on funds. Now I know the secret. And I will reveal how it’s done. (Hint: it has to do with OPM (Other People’s Money)).

How to make your first $10,000.00 without needing a bank loan.

Here’s something else that I didn’t know at first. Even if you have good credit, and can work with the banks, after a certain number of deals, your DTI (Debt To Income) ratio will become an issue. That means you won’t be able to get more bank loans. I will teach you how to get around this huge obstacle.

The best way to supplement your 9 to 5 job income.

When I started investing in real estate on the side I was still working with ad agencies. So my time was very limited. I had to learn systems to optimize the little time I had to invest. I will teach you how to do this too.

Where to find the best properties.

Many top investors keep this information to themselves. In fact, some gurus don’t even reveal this in their course! But I will share how to significantly cut your property prospecting time. You may be shocked to discover how much of this work can also be done online.

Learn what NOT to do!

As a new real estate investor you can make some fatal mistakes. These mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars and knock you out of the game early. This is one of the most revealing videos in the course.

How to avoid bad contractor nightmares.

Some contractors promise that they will deliver — but don’t. You may have heard the bad contractor horror stories. What you will learn in these videos will let you avoid dealing with dishonest contractors who just want to take your money.

Never worry about getting stuck with a deal – EVER!

Another thing that can knock you out of the business is getting stuck with a deal (or losing a cash deposit (earnest money). You definitely don’t want this to happen. And I will show you exactly how to avoid it.

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Now, thanks to my “Digital Wholesaling: How to Turn $97 into $30k in the Next 4 Weeks!” video course, you will be able to join them.

Let me thank you, in advance, for allowing me to guide you through the rough waters of real estate investing!

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Here’s to your Success!

   Mike Smith

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